Pi Node Significance In Node Software

Pi Node Significance
Pi Node Significance
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Pi Node Significance, In this session, we will talk about the importance of nodes and Supernodes to every pioneer and some examples of additional roles nodes can play on the Pi network. Not only is the Pi node the cornerstone of the Pi blockchain but it also contributes to the ecosystem building and economic applications of Pi. for example, in addition to securing the ledger supernodes can also technically support applications of decentralized finance which are also known as defying these applications are such as tokenization of real-world assets and tokenization of real estate.

Why Node Software Is Important?

Today we’re going to discuss a little bit more on why the Node software is important even in a non-blockchain sense and how Pi Nodes in blockchain matter to Pioneers who neither serve as Supernodes Or as Nodes.

the original vision of the Pi Node software was never just limited to operating and supporting the blockchain secures. it is certainly the core and base layer of the decentralization of the Pi network. but the benefits of building a user-friendly Node software are having extensibility of the functionalities of the Node and a large group of people who can contribute to the applications of the Node software.

the node software beyond securing the ledger let’s look at the network currently we have over two hundred thousand pioneers who downloaded and installed the pi node software over sixty thousand. first of all the desktop pi application serves as a redundant interface for the mobile application interface not only does it provide desktop or laptop accessibility to the mobile application functionalities.

Pi Network Nodes Maintain & Secure

Cryptocurrencies app stores are particularly strict in reviewing applications related to cryptocurrencies and we experienced their centralized control over the last couple of years while we were developing the Pi network. apart from maintaining and securing the pipe blockchain nodes Significance can also allow individuals to share computing resources and get compensated for it such computing resources include processing power disk space and network bandwidth note that these are not our immediate plans but they are all possibilities that will come further down the line

let’s look at these use cases one at a time disk space think of it as a decentralized encrypted dropbox that allows people to get compensated for securely storing files its implementation can be similar to BitTorrent in the notion that files will be stored in a decentralized network of nodes while at the same time pi can have staking mechanisms that can make sure that all files stored on the pi network are fully licensed

While the individualized questions must reach a Pi database to be answered the vast majority of the graphics and media are the same for all members and can be actually answered by a decentralized server near that person so for example when a pioneer in Paris opened her app the pi logo comes to her from a server in Paris operated by our CDN provider while her balance comes from pi’s database in san Francisco this process helps speed up the application tremendously because the majority of the data can be delivered fast from a nearby data center or computer and they don’t need to travel long distances through the pacific ocean and that’s something that all major apps on the internet do they use CDN to deliver their content.

if Pi Nodes could utilize their unused network bandwidth to function as a decentralized CDN if we were able to create such a CDN marketplace for pioneers they could be receiving additional passive income for operating their Nodes. who are interested in rending out their confused CPU time according to our pi node stats every day there are over 380 000 CPU cores operated by pi nodes in the where they are unused about 69 of their time on average.